Important Information about Police Challenge Coins

28 Aug

Challenge coins have gained great respect in the United States of America. This is because the coins have a rich tradition that started ages ago during the World Wars period. During that medieval period, the life of an American soldier was saved by his unit’s challenge coin. From that time onwards, it was imperative that soldiers carry their challenge coins everywhere they went. From the military, other law enforcement units such as the police also picked up the tradition and have held it until today. This article will discuss important information concerning the police challenge coins.

Like the military challenge coins at, the police force also uses the police challenge coins to honor their men in blue for exemplary work in the line of duty. This is the reason these coins are commonly referred to as honor coins, unit coins or pride coins. Some of the police units that use coins to reward their unit members are the detectives, special weapons and tactic team, and bomb squad. As you all know, the law enforcement officers including the police, risk their lives every day while on duty. As they carry out their routine duty including investigative work or bomb diffusion, they sometimes encounter out of the norm situations. They have to think on their feet and deal with these emerging cases in a very professional and tactful manner. It is during such times that their units may find it suitable to reward them with challenge coins.

The different units in the police enforcement unit may have varying designs and symbols for their challenge coins. In some instances they also bear different colors. Different materials are used to produce the challenge coins and this includes zinc alloy, gold plating, and brass metal to mention but a few. Different organizations including the police have got different objectives when ordering for these coins. Some want the material used to be long lasting while others look out for beauty. This explains the different types of material used to produce the coin. Additionally, the coins are also engraved and produced with different wordings, designs and shapes. For more insights regarding challenge coins, visit

In essence, the coins are used to boost morale or to commend the police officers for outstanding work. It is rumored that in some instances, the president or the state governors order for such coins and personally reward some officers for their exemplary work. However in most cases the coins are rewarded by the unit commander. Be sure to click here to know more!

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